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Thursday, July 1, 2010


The general campaign for offices across the state of Texas has begun. Here is each state party's platform.


What can I really say about it? Once again: "There's RIGHT and then there is RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF!"

Some of the most glaring items in their platform: 

  • Elimination of minimum wage 
  • The US should get out of the UN. 
  • No to ObamaCare 
  • We support the military… but no gays! 
  • We want to make it a FELONY if someone performs a gay marriage. 
  • Dropouts in school? There aren't any dropouts! 
  • Tax dollars should be used for PRIVATE schools.
  • The SBOE is fine with ideologues in charge. 
  • Regulation = Bad 
  • Arizona has the right idea; we should do that here in Texas.


Sit down and actually READ the platform. You may not agree with everything in it, but seriously ask yourself this: this platform has solutions to the real problems facing Texans instead of saying NO, NO, NO, NO, NO to everything. Each issue has a detailed plan on how we are planning on facing the issues head on instead of burying their head in the sand and hoping it goes away.

And yes, when the Democrats say they support the troops… THEY SUPPORT ALL TROOPS!

Based on these platforms, who is more in tuned with the issues facing Texas?



A general trend across the country going into the general election campaign is that the Republicans are running on a NATIONAL platform and there is no better example than the Texas Republican Party Platform. How many NATIONAL issues are they combating and what say does Texas have with items such as foreign policy and national defense?

Running on a National Platform will be disastrous for the Republican Party. I am surprised I did not notice this before, but how many Texas elections are there on the ballot in 2010 that will affect the federal government? The election for your representative in the US House; the rest of the races are for state and local elections. Huh… I guess the statement is true: "All politics are local."

The election is going to come down to TEXAS ISSUES. The Republicans are ignoring Texas Issues; the Democrats are facing them head on.

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