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I served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Propulsion Operator aboard an aircraft carrier from 2002-08. I engage in political activism in Democratic circles and occasional engagement with issues concerning Women and LGBT Rights. I have a cat and I am an Uncle. All opinions expressed in my blog are my own and do not reflect the views of any organization that I represent.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


In 2010 the senate election in Alaska was focused on the intraparty fighting among Republicans. In that election, Joe Miller who had backing from Sarah Palin won the US Republican Senate primary defeating incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski and appeared to be a shoe-in to win that election.

What he didn't count on was that Alaska allows for a write-in candidacy.

Senator Murkowski launched a successful write-in bid and defeating Miller in a three-way election and kept her senate seat. I am no fan of Republicans, but I do enjoy seeing an interparty fight and I would rather have her in the senate than Joe Miller.

For the third time in four election cycles, Alaska is part of the national political discussion.

Monday, October 13, 2014



"Resolved, That a swift sailing vessel, to carry ten carriage guns, and a proportionable number of swivels, with eighty men, be fitted, with all possible despatch, for a cruise of three months, and that the commander be instructed to cruize eastward, for intercepting such transports as may be laden with warlike stores and other supplies for our enemies, and for such other purposes as the Congress shall direct.

That a Committee of three be appointed to prepare an estimate of the expence, and lay the same before the Congress, and to contract with proper persons to fit out the vessel.

Resolved, that another vessel be fitted out for the same purposes, and that the said committee report their opinion of a proper vessel, and also an estimate of the expence."


Sunday, October 12, 2014


One of the most iconic voices and actors of our time, James Earl Jones, sat down with PBS News Hour's Jeffery Brown to discuss his long career and his recent appearance on Broadway.

Interview provided below.