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Friday, July 23, 2010


The twenty-four hour news cycle reported the resignation of USDA Employee Shirley Sherrod based on a speech she gave that had hints of anti-white sentiments.

That’s not the entire story…

Her speech was about understanding triumphing over hatred. The story she told took place in 1986 before she was involved with the USDA.
The video was grossly edited by professional muckraker conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, reported by Fox “News,” picked up by the rest of the media, and noticed by the White House.
There is a problem with that.
Has it not been proven that Fox “News” is a bunch of crap?
Don’t believe me? Go to Wikipedia and search the following:
Faux News Channel
Fox Noise Channel
Cluster Fox
Then tell me where it directs you.
I’ll wait. Not like I have anything important to do right now.
If typing the names that Keith Olbermann has for Fox “News” into Wikipedia and it leads to an entire page dedicated to Fox News Channel Controversies that should be an indicator.
Immediately after the video aired, Ms. Sherrod was forced to resign.
Then the entire UNEDITED speech hit the internet and made the news cycle.
Had the White House taken the time to explore the video more closely, they would not have been put into this position.
Right now it looks like the Obama Administration overreacted (the first title of this entry). Over the next couple of days, apologizes directed towards Ms. Sherrod came from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, and just recently President Barack Obama telephoned her as she made the morning show talk circuit. It appears that the White House is listening to the people wanting her reinstated and extending a hand of reconciliation as they have offered Ms. Sherrod the opportunity to return to work for the USDA in a different capacity.
Now… the second title of this entry.
Does it seem a tad ODD that this story broke within a week of the NAACP approving a resolution condemning the Tea Party for their racist element?
Even crazier was the list of people in the right wing media apologizing, including Lonesome Rhodes Glenn Beck (I think he was on his meds), claiming they were too quick to judge Ms. Sherrod. And of course they turned it around and said it was Obama’s fault.
Right… it’s not our fault, but we preach individual responsibility as the pillars of the Fox “News”/Tea Party Coalition. (NOTE: Sarcasm)
In fact, Tea Bagger Tea Party Express Spokesman Mark Williams said this in an interview:
“It’s impossible — it’s impossible for there to be a racist element in the tea party, you don’t get it! The tea party is about human rights, it’s about the United States constitution. The United States constitution mankind’s foremost human rights document.”
PS: Oh, it looks like the red bullshit flag has been thrown.
REF: “The previous quote is under review for bullshit.”
PS: The referee is going to go under the booth to review for bullshit. He’ll have 90 seconds to review the previous quote. Now, John, for bullshit to exist there has to be CONCLUSIVE evidence.
JM: Well, clearly there is bullshit, Pat. As you can see here, (telestrating) he starts spouting off bullshit the moment he says that it’s impossible for there to be a racist element in the tea party.”
PS: Right, this challenge shouldn’t take that long.
JM: You know who was good at bullshit? Brett Favre.
PS: Here comes the ref with the ruling.
REF: “After further review, it is confirmed that the previous quote does indeed contain BULLSHIT.” (signifies bullshit symbol with hands)
(NOTE: Horrible impersonations!)
Even better… was his answer to the interviewer’s next question about the Tea Party signs.
“Those signs were brought by Crash the Tea party, the coalition of anti-tea party groups, google crashed the tea party. You will find it all there. … Buy my book!”
Hmmm… I know that if I challenge for bullshit again, I’ll win that one PLUS I’ll get an extra challenge because I won the other two… Oh, wait. We’re inside two minutes left in the game? Let the replay booth upstairs deal with it. (Yes… I miss football)
Yup, bullshit again!
So the Tea Party does not contain a racist element, Mr. Williams. What about that letter you wrote to President Abraham Lincoln (screen shot)?
Yeah, no racist element there… (NOTE: Sarcasm)
What we are seeing here is a media war taking place. It is clear to the average rational thinking person that the Tea Party is an example of extreme right wing paranoia run amok being fueled by the likes of conservative talk radio and Fox “News.” The NAACP has finally taken a stand and said: ENOUGH!
We had the likes of Tina Fey Lisa Ann Sarah Palin and many others claiming that the Tea Party is not racist; they are Patriotic Americans.
Right… holding up a sign claiming that the President as a witch doctor who was not born in this country is NOT racist. (NOTE: Sarcasm)
So, these are Patriotic Americans huh? You know, if someone exhibited the racist sentiments of the Tea Party in the military, they would AT A MINIMUM face Captain’s Mast (UCMJ Article 15). Punishment awarded: possible separation from the armed forces with a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE.
Patriotism? No.
This is clearly right wing paranoia.
By the way… which Presidential/VP candidate from 2008 was NOT born inside the current 50-state configuration of the United States? Well, it’s OK because the candidate was born to American citizens in what was an American territory at the time… who was it again?
There were no calls for that candidate to release their birth certificate.
We’re seeing the Tea Party with Fox “News” on their side claiming that there is no racist element to their movement.
Conservative blogger Andrew Brietbart clearly twisted Ms. Sherrod’s words to make it appear that the NAACP had a racist element in order to counter their claims that the Tea Party was racist. What is even hard to believe is that this guy once had credibility. When was that?
And anyone making the claim that Colored in NAACP is not an acceptable term, guess what: white is a color. It’s in the Crayola box.
Actually, if you were to classify my skin color it’s more of a pale peach… LOL.
This is a perfect opportunity to put Andrew Brietbart and Fox “News” in its place.
Sue them for slander.
For a lot of money.
You already have the evidence for slander. Take no prisoners. Don’t allow them to settle. Have them defend their journalistic practices in a court of law. There is a difference between critical reporting and slanderous reporting. Fox “News” crosses that line with their reporting. It is time for them to be held accountable for their actions.
I am a believer in free press, BUT when that press is used irresponsibly to slander someone without any evidence or basis of fact and/or incite violence in the populace there needs to be accountability for that incitement.
Yes, in a way I am a part of the free press. I take an offensive position, BUT I use facts, logic, and credible sources to back those claims (mixed with some humor to keep you entertained). As a reader, not only are you welcome to critique what I write, BUT I highly encourage it with this disclaimer of as long as that critique is backed by proof by means of fact, logic, and credible sources.
I do not think this is the end. I think this is only the beginning of a media battle. I expect there will be more especially as we get closer to November with the mid terms looming.
Remember, Roger Ailes is the President of Fox “News.” What else is he known for?
I close with a credible source, Dr. Rachel Maddow. In a recent program, she displays the history of conjuring up irrational fear towards black people. Examples include a comic book from the George Wallace gubernatorial campaign in the early 1960s, a New York Times article from 1970 discussing the “Southern Strategy”, and recent examples from Fox “News.”
What is the common link between the stories Fox “News” aired during the Obama Administration? It may not be as obvious as you think.

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