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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just recently, it was announced that the President will be giving another back to school speech to students.
You know what that means.
Here we go again…
Consider this a pre-emptive strike.

Last year, conservatives were in an uproar about the President giving a welcome-back-to-school speech directed to school children. They made such claims that Obama was going to indoctrinate their children into some socialist-communist-Nazi agenda. Some parents went as far to keep their kids out of school…
Keeping kids out of school… that’s a good idea. That will solve Texas’s dropout problem (NOTE: Sarcasm)
Some school districts (such as the one that housed my high school) did not air the speech or decided to incorporate the speech later on in their curriculum.
Right… don’t want to interrupt the upcoming pep rally for the football game on Friday. That has educational value. (NOTE: Sarcasm)
Why this outrage? The Great Todd Hill, a contributor to the Burnt Orange Report, commented about a similar speech he watched when he was a child.
Today, Mr. Hill is an active member of the Mid Cities Democrats.

Take a guess who gave a more partisan speech to the children?
It is ridiculous that we live in a country where the President cannot give a speech to school children to let them know that doing well in school is very important to this country. Is that not something that we all have in common as Americans?

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