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Thursday, April 22, 2010



The team that picks first has the worst record in the league by a quantitative measure of wins. The team that has the fewest wins picks first or at the top of the draft order in each round; the team with the second fewest wins picks next in each round; and so on.
a1, a2, a3, a4…… an
This sequence continues for a maximum of seven rounds over a period of three days with Round 1 taking place on a day designated Day 1; Rounds 2-3 taking place on a day designated Day 2; and Rounds 4-7 taking place on the day designated Day 3. Each designated days are held in consecutive days.
Team Performance (P) is directly proportional to Wins (W) due to the Lombardi Principle which states “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”
P α W
The team that picks last is the best team by a quantitative measurement of the previous season’s Vince Lombardi Trophy (T).
Based on the observation that every team beings the season in first place with the same record (0-0), therefore a team’s place in the standings is at one. No team is in possession of the Vince Lombardi Trophy (T) at the beginning of the season. The Vince Lombardi Trophy (T) is a representation of that once a team wins the Super Bowl their season is complete. Not winning the Super Bowl represents that a team’s season was not complete.
 f(T) = 1/(1-T)
lim T---> 0 [ 1/(1/T) ]
1/(1-0) = 1/1 = 1
If a team obtains the Vince Lombardi Trophy, then T is equal to one. Team Performance (P) reaches an undetermined value that no other team can match as proven below. The number of Wins (W) is ignored due to examples such as: The Gary Anderson Principle, The Immaculate Redemption Observation, and The 18 and ONE Corollary.
lim T---> 1-[ 1/(1/T) ]
1/(1-1) = 1/0 = +∞

Therefore, Draft Position (D) is inversely proportional to Wins (W).
D α 1/W
Using substitution method, Draft Position (D) is inversely proportional to Team Performance (P).
D α 1/P
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