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Monday, April 26, 2010


Friday was a sad day in American history as the governor of Arizona singed State Senate Bill 1070 giving authorities the right to arrest people for not presenting the adequate amount of documentation proving a person's citizenship status.

Well, if I ever visit Arizona again (last time March 2004 on cross country move from Charleston, SC to Bremerton, WA, stopped at the Grand Canyon) I better bring the following:

My passport: Check

Both copies of my birth certificate. Probably going to have to dust off the old safety deposit box, but I have them: Check

And finally, individually written statements from BOTH my parents stating that I was born AND conceived within the borders of the United States. These statements are signed by both parties AND notarized: In progress

Serious note: This is nothing short than legalized racial profiling.

On her program Friday night, Rachel Maddow shows the rationalization of LEGALLY committing illegal and amoral actions.

Unless you have documentation proving your citizenship status, you are an undocumented individual in the eyes of the State of Arizona.

I already carry multiple forms of identification on my person at all times. Also, what is defined as adequate documentation? The Michael Watts Dictionary (26th Edition) defines adequate identification as my driver's license and/or dog tags.

The identification criterion is only just the beginning. What I am most fearful is that this will push our undocumented citizens, who are the most vulnerable in our society, further into the depths of darkness.

I do not believe that this is a solution to our immigration problem. I expect a similar situation happening here in Texas.
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