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Saturday, February 8, 2014


The following picture is of Flora Medellin.

Her two daughters and one son are active in Democratic politics in Texas. Her son, Stace, writes the blog Dos Centavos which covers primarily Latino issues and also Democratic politics in Texas.

I met his sister Toni during my time in Denton, TX. Toni had to relocate to Houston to be close to her mother to take care of her mother's health issues.

I saw this on the Harris County Democratic Party website page. Recently Flora had an injury that required surgery. The good news is that she is recovering.

Even better news is that she still got to cast her ballot for the upcoming primary election in Texas.

Despite her injury, Flora Medellin still exercised her right to vote. Yet many people do not. If Flora Medellin can cast her ballot from her hospital bed, then certainly folks can make the effort to get to the ballot box.

You can still register to vote for the November 2014 election. If you want to end the Republican obstructionism, then make sure that your voter registration is updated and matches whatever documents you have so that you will not have any problems in voting in the November general election. Republicans are counting on people not showing up to vote or worse, finding new ways to keep CERTAIN folks from voting.

There is a lot at stake in November. Nationally it is who controls Congress. Republicans are eying taking over the Senate for the 114th Congress. If that happens, it could make gridlock in Washington much more common than it already is.

In the states, there are several governor and state legislature races. Here in Colorado, Democrats are trying to keep Governor Hickenlooper in office while holding on to the State House and widening their one-seat majority in the State Senate. I'm following what is happening in Texas with the candidacy of Wendy Davis. A lot of the crazy policies that showed up after the Republican 2010 wave was from the states.

If we want the nice things that we want, it means showing up and voting for the candidates that will support the things we want and need as a country. I've been in the political arena for a little more than 5 years and showing up is the important thing.

Especially on this date: 4 November 2014

I tweeted this upon receiving my Colorado voter registration:

If Flora Medellin can exercise her duties as a citizen under extreme circumstances, then my fellow citizens and I can do so under less than adverse conditions.

Flora could have not voted, but she did.

What's your excuse?

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