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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Democratic Primary

Call it a hunch, but I think Barack Obama will win the Democratic Primary.

Republican Primary

Newt Gingrich        36%
Mitt Romney          25%
Ron Paul                 15%
Rick Santorum       14%

This race has determined who the Republican nominee is since 1980. While Romney could win the nomination without South Carolina, he has got to tackle his inability to connect with voters especially in the Southern States where the economy has hit people the hardest and the large Evangelical Christian population.

Romney has the money, but his recent two debate performances have got to be troubling to his campaign. Gingrich is going to get a boost to his campaign with a win which will mean more money for him and people might take another look at him as a viable candidate.

It is not this primary that is going to be telling about the Republican nomination process. I am waiting until Monday night’s debate in Tampa to see the true impact of a Gingrich win.

Brace yourselves… this is going to be a long and strange journey.

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