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I served in the US Navy from 2002-08; four of those years were as a Nuclear Propulsion Operator aboard an aircraft carrier. I engage in political activism in various Democratic circles when I am able to. I have a cat, and I am an uncle.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


On Wednesday, Michele Bachmann announced that she was ending her run for the Presidency after winning 5% of the vote in the Iowa Caucus.

Here are my thoughts on it…

1. About socialized medicine, what in the hell do you call Medicare and Medicaid?

2. How can you be involved in the abortion argument and not know anything about the Hyde Amendment (1976)? Keep in mind, her primary job is as a U.S. Representative from Minnesota.

3. Most of the people that wrote the founding documents of our country were Deists. They understood the danger of mixing religion and politics. After all, you claim that America was founded on religious freedom. Well, that means freedom from your kooky, warped version of Christianity.

4. “Socialism”? “Crony Capitalism”? This is from a woman who has used her office to her benefit.

5. Fighting for “Traditional Marriage”? Well… Don’t expect an invitation from your step-sister and her partner to come visit them this coming Christmas…. For the seventh year in a row.

All I have to say to her is this…

Congresswoman Bachmann,

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