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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


What an exciting week of the final week of the NFL Seasons. The Titans won to keep their slim playoff chances alive. In Jason Taylor’s final game in the NFL, the Dolphins pulled off the upset of the Jets and denied them a post-season berth. The Patriots fell behind 21-0 to the Bills… and receiver Steve Johnson celebrated too early.

The Patriots railed off 49 consecutive points to win and clinch the AFC’s #1 seed.

On a snowy day at Lambeau Field, the Lions and Packers dueled to a shootout between quarterback Matt Stafford and Matt Flynn.

Yes… Matt Flynn got the nod over Aaron Rodgers since the Packers claimed the #1 seed last week. He did something that Rodgers, Starr, and even Favre didn’t do as the Packers quarterback. He set the franchise mark for passing yards and passing touchdowns in a single game.

Even though Stafford put up the second 500 yard passing game this season, it was not enough to keep Green Bay from completing a perfect season… They finished the season undefeated in the NFC North and 12-0 vs. the NFC.

The Saints and 49ers were scoreboard watching needing one team to lose their finale in order to claim the #2 seed in the NFC. Both teams won, so San Francisco will wait to play in the divisional round while the Saints will play this coming Saturday.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Lions quarterback Matt Stafford, and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady each finished with more than 5,000-yards passing. Brees set the single season record for passing with 5,476 yards breaking the old record of 5,084 set by Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino in 1984.

To close out the noon kickoff games, the Colts won…. By losing to the Jaguars and claiming the first-overall pick in the 2012 NFL Drafts. More than likely they are going to draft quarterback Andrew Luck from Stanford.

“The Indianapolis Colts are now on the clock….”

The late afternoon games saw the Falcons jump out to a 42-0 lead in the second quarter and seal their spot as the number 5 seed in the NFC. Meanwhile, in Denver, Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton exacted revenge on his former team by defeating his former team 7-3. This was ugly… I don’t know why CBS made it their #1 late game… Oh, wait… I do…

Both teams’ offenses were so bad in this game it would have ended in 0-0 tie. There were a combined 17 punts in this game.

I would have rather seen the Bengals and Ravens clash. Baltimore and Pittsburgh were fighting for the AFC North Title and with it came the AFC’s #2 seed. Both games were taking place in Ohio; the Ravens playing in Cincinnati, while the Steelers were in Cleveland taking on the Browns. Ravens running back Ray Rice came ready to play, while the Browns gave it their best shot to pull off the upset. The Ravens and Steelers won their games. Baltimore claimed the AFC North Title and will get a week off before hosting a playoff game. Pittsburgh will go on the road for the playoffs.

So, Denver lost and the Jets lost which sent the Bengals into the playoffs because Cincinnati had beaten the Titans earlier in the season. Meanwhile, in Oakland, the Chargers finished off the Raiders’ playoff aspirations and sent the Broncos to the playoffs as the AFC West Champion.

Even though the game did not have any post-season implications, the Cardinals won their fourth overtime game this season to finish the season on a 7-2 run to cap an 8-8 season.

So…. We go to the Sunday Night contest. This is essentially the NFC Play-In game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. I need this game not just for bragging rights for my team, but to claim victory over Monica Roberts in our regular season picks.

I will comment on the Cowboys season at another time.

Pissed, but not as angry as I was when the Rangers lost the World Series this last fall.

The Giants won the game and claimed the NFC East Title. They will host the Falcons on this coming Sunday.

So…. After a complete regular season and picking all 256 games, Ms. Roberts and I completed our first season of weekly picks.

We went into week 17 with the same records…. And we ended it with the same records, just like how we started.

We had the same identical 164-92 records.

WEEK 17:           12-4
TOTAL:               164-92


≤ 8 PTS
WK 17

On to the playoffs…

Yes, we are finally going to talk about the playoffs.

Just not right now...
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