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Sunday, May 9, 2010



LONDON: The Liberal Dems and the Conservatives began and are continuing talks about forming a coalition. Now these are just talks. Clegg has the support of party leaders to pursue talks with the Conservatives. However, there are some hurdles that the two parties need to overcome before they form a coalition.

With all the talk of a Con-Lib Dem alliance, here is the explanation from a blogger for the BBC about a possible Lab-Lib Dem-Minor Parties coalition.

If such a hypothetical coalition is formed, would that not conflict with what Clegg said the morning after the election outside of Liberal Dem HQ? 

Now, there doesn't have to be a coalition. Clegg could walk out of the bargaining room of both parties, and allow David Cameron to govern in the minority much like the last time there was a "Hung Parliament."

In case you got lost in the previous entry, here is a flow chart to better explain what is going on.
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