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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Last night, MSNBC's Countdown featured Major Gen. Paul Eaton (USA, Ret.) in an interview about the apprehension of Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen, wanted in the failed Times Square bombing plot that took place over the weekend.

Shahzad, a U.S. citizen, was read his Miranda Rights. 

Wait a minute?! That guy is a TERRORIST!! He shouldn't be read his rights. Lock him up in GITMO for the rest of his life without trial!!

And HALT. There is something called the Constitution (I keep one in my backpack. Came in handy during the TYD Austin Convention while two people were arguing about the Second and Tenth Amendments).

That only applies to citizens! He's not a citizen!

Ahem…. Again, Shahzad, A NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN…. Therefore, as A NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN the man is entitled to full due process of the law.

Gah….. (some incoherent Glenn Beck theory)

Well, I am NOT a Constitutional Scholar like y'all were during the Health Care debate (and these expected debates: Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Wall Street Reform, Climate Bill/Energy and….. so on).

Once again, this is another open and shut case. I will repeat what I said about the Christmas Day Bomber case (the kid who tried to blow up a plane as it landed in Detroit by setting his underwear on fire…). You could assign Lionel Hutz (alternate clip) as the prosecutor and STILL get a conviction.

Olbermann asks General Eaton a question at the 4:15 mark of the clip. The general answers and ends with a response that left Olbermann a tad off balanced. More like a "Whoa, this guy has balls." Well, of course he has balls: He is a TWO STAR ARMY GENERAL!

I also liked him quoting Admiral (JAG) John Hudson (USN, Ret.) about the type of people that engage in torture and illegal methods of obtaining evidence.

Oh… the interview. I nearly forgot about it. Remember, this is called "Michael's Rant" for a reason.

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