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Thursday, September 8, 2011



1.      Eagles
2.      Cowboys
3.      Giants
4.      Redskins


The Eagles appeared to have made the moves to become a Super Bowl contender. Philadelphia landed shutdown cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, former Cardinals cornerback Dominique Eodgers-Cromartie, running back Ronnie Brown, and wide receiver Steve Smith (not Panthers Steve Smith) during the free agency period.

The Eagles are a very talented team with quarterback Michael Vick and wide receiver-punt returner DeSean Jackson. However, I am very skeptical about all this praise that somehow the Eagles will be playing in Indianapolis on 5 February 2012.

I have concerns about the Eagles offensive line which was displayed during the pre-season. I also have concerns about whether Michael Vick can recreate the same magic that he had in the mid-season and there was talk that Vick would win the MVP.

After the dramatic win at the Giants in Week 15, the Eagles failed to keep the momentum going by losing their final two regular season games and ended up being eliminated by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.

All signs do point towards a division championship for the Eagles, but this is not a strong endorsement. If the Eagles are to play in the Super Bowl, their playoff journey will begin in the Wild Card round.


2010 was a very tough season for Dallas Cowboys fans…. Like myself.

If there was one play that summed up Dallas’s 2010 campaign, it was this one

Quarterback Tony Romo is back from a season-ending shoulder injury. In addition, the Cowboys have a new head coach in Jason Garrett. Garrett took over the head coach position after Wade Phillips was fired due to the Cowboys starting 1-7. He was able to help the Cowboys finish with a 5-3 record, including road wins over the Colts, Eagles, and Giants; teams that finished the season with a least 10 wins.

The Cowboys hired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan whose brother is the head coach of the New York Jets and the son of Buddy Ryan, who was the Bears defensive coordinator from 1978-85, and the Eagles head coach from 1986-90.

I wonder if any other Cowboys fans have noticed the irony in all this…

The Cowboys should be better offensively with the return of Tony Romo getting the ball to receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. Defensively, yes they have DeMarcus Ware who led the NFL in sacks last season, but like Mario Williams, he can only do so much. If this was a normal offseason, Dallas would have had more time to install Rob Ryan’s various defensive schemes. This wasn’t due to the lockout.

Dallas has had a quite offseason and it puts them into a sleeper status. Based on the schedule, I see the Cowboys finishing somewhere between 7-10 games. Before you say that I am not a true Cowboys fan, well honestly ask yourself this: Is there anything about this team that makes you go, “Wow, they are going kick everyone’s ass this year.”

For me: no.

The Cowboys will finish 9-7 in 2011 on the outside of the playoff race.


The Giants last season finished the season at 10-6 and missed the playoffs.

For some teams, it would result in the head coach being fired.

Tom Coughlin is still on the sidelines going into 2011.

The Giants are going to have a difficult task getting to ten wins in 2011, let alone make the playoffs.

Even though Eli Manning brought a Super Bowl championship to the Giants, this is a “what-have-you-done-for-me” lately league. Since winning Super Bowl XLII, the Giants have not won a playoff game since and endured back-to-back seasons missing the playoffs. The most humiliating aspect was the collapse in 2009.

I still like the Giants defensive unit with linebackers Mathias Kiwanuka, and their defensive ends Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul. However, as I alluded to, injuries incurred during the pre-season will cause this side of the ball to struggle. Osi Umenyiora is expected to miss some time due to knee surgery. Cornerback Terrell Thomas and backups Brue Johnson and Brian Witherspoon are gone for the year. First round pick cornerback Prince Amukamara was also among the Giants players that suffered injuries in the pre-season.

It is unfortunate that pre-season injuries have doomed the Giants to a projected third place finish in the NFC East. I will note though that they have a streak of resiliency. If Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin can duplicate that, which is what they showed in 2007, then no one will want to face the Giants in 2011.


I really do not have much to say about the Redskins. The only hope for this franchise is the following:

1.      Daniel Snyder needs to just sign the checks.
2.      Hire an actual football personnel person; not a Danny Snyder yes-man.
3.      Explore changing the team name… C’mon, we have a team called the Redskins in the 21st century…?

Quarterback Rex Grossman was named the starter by Coach Mike Shanahan, but John Beck might get a chance to prove himself.

Speaking of John Beck, he said that the Redskins are good enough to make the playoffs.

Redskins in the playoffs… What is it about people with the last name Beck who say the craziest shit…?

From now where I hear the name Beck, I’ll think of the guy that has two turntables and a microphone.

Redskins in the playoffs… Maybe if I play Madden… And set the AI to Rookie…

Well if I was to play Madden, I would ensure Washington would go 0-16 and lose every game to Dallas. I would try to break the record for the largest shutout victory in NFL History (73-0, 1940 NFL Championship Chicago over Washington).

OK… I know… this is turning into an anti-Washington (the football team, not political) rant.

The Redskins will finish in fourth place and in January 2012 Mike Shanahan will be looking for another job.

The NFL Network’s program NFL Top 10 aired the Worst Free Agent Signings.

The Free Agent Signings of the Redskins ranked number 1.

Maybe they can air the Worst Coaching Hires.

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