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Monday, April 11, 2011


Late Friday, a deal was reached in order to keep the government funded. House Republicans wanted to eliminate $363 million in federal funding to Planned Parenthood on ideological grounds but the rider was not included in the deal.

Here is a question to ask before reading on: How much of Planned Parenthood’s budget is dedicated to performing abortions?

The other 97% is dedicated to contraceptives, cancer screenings, the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and other health services towards women. Four out of five Planned Parenthood’s users are over the age of 20 and three out of four have incomes 150% below the poverty line.

Another question: how much federal funding goes towards Planned Parenthood to perform abortions?


The Hyde Amendment, passed in 1976, prohibits federal funding being used to provide abortions. When the health care reform bill was going through the House, there was some concern from pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak of Michigan that the bill would circumvent the Hyde Amendment. President Obama issued Executive Order 13535 in order to strengthen the Hyde Amendment.

Now, you will not believe this…. But a certain House Republican said this:

Well my opinion is this. I think that we should have a clean bill that makes sure that the paychecks get to the troops on time

It was Michele Bachmann….


No, seriously, Michele Bachmann, for once, has produced a clear, concise, and coherent thought. She was urging her House colleagues to drop the abortion rider to the budget bill so that it would pass in order for the military to get their pay on time. For once, she has displayed some sense of reason.

What’s next, the Texas Rangers will be the last team to remain unbeaten in the majors at the start of the season…?

Oh… that really happened…?!

We’re through the looking glass people….

Anyways, how does defunding Planned Parenthood (which costs $330 million to fund by the way) balances the budget and creates jobs…?

Still waiting for that answer…

This is not about balancing the budget or creating jobs as the Republican House promised they would do once they took control on 5 January 2011. As we are witnessing in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio with the union stripping bills and even here in Texas with the trying to balance a $25 billion budget shortfall, it is about promoting a radical agenda that attacks union workers, students, women, persons of color, immigrants, and the poor. Currently there are efforts underway in Wisconsin to recall legislators and ultimately Governor Scott Walker due to the unpopularity of the union stripping bill. During the legislative session here in Texas, Governor Rick Perry declared that Voter I.D., a sonogram prior to an abortion, and allowing students to carry handguns on college campuses were emergency items and needed to be fast-tracked through the legislature.

The real emergency: How about that Texas ranks in the bottom or near the bottom in many education categories? Or have you seen our infrastructure? It desperately needs to be updated.

You really want to keep government out of people’s lives? Stop passing bills that limit a woman’s right to engage in a private medical decision that is between herself and her doctor.

You want to prevent unwanted pregnancies (which Texas is the leader in REPEAT unwanted teenage pregnancies)? Then fund Planned Parenthood and teach age appropriate sexual education.

OK…. Let’s get back on topic.

Senate Democrats in particular Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell of Washington, Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and Barbara Boxer of California all said it best about the Republican scapegoating of Planned Parenthood:

They are right. The Republican Party has declared war against women and are using the budget battle to promote a radical agenda.

And if you get the chance, Newsweek published a commentary that sums it up best.

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