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I served in the US Navy from 2002-08; four of those years were as a Nuclear Propulsion Operator aboard an aircraft carrier. I engage in political activism in various Democratic circles when I am able to. I have a cat, and I am an uncle.

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Monday, August 2, 2010


I enjoy my blog. I enjoy sharing my ideas and knowing that people appreciate reading what I have written down.

My writing has been one of the few joys that I have had since the start of 2010. I enjoy this manner of expressing my ideas because it gives me intellectual stimulation, a sense of purpose, and a creative outlet.

Over the last six months I have endured struggles in all aspects of my life as a student, political advocate, and most importantly my personal life. A series of events in my personal life in that time period have caused me to review all those other aspects.

One of my favorite comics from when I was a kid was Calvin and Hobbes (explains the picture at the beginning). You have probably witnessed some of those influences in my writings and beliefs. In Calvin and Hobbes: The Tenth Anniversary Book, creator Bill Watterson stated that in order to maintain the creative integrity of his work he had to take regular sabbaticals.

So… it’s time.

Much like Mr. Watterson did to maintain his creative outlet I am taking a self-imposed two week sabbatical. That should give me time to focus on my academics as the Summer 2010 5W2 finals are quickly approaching, consider the role I play in my blossoming political career, and deal with some personal matters.

I believe that in the June 2010-July 2010 time frame I have posted my best works so far despite dealing with many issues on my plate. Now I feel like those issues may impact something I found enjoyment in. I am concerned it may jeopardize the quantity but most importantly the QUALITY of my work. In order to maintain those standards, it is necessary to take a break from my blog entries.

To my loyal readers, supporters, friends, and most importantly my family: thank you. I appreciate your words of encouragement by any means.

Michael Watts

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