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Friday, March 12, 2010


"The Personal Is Political"- Title of an essay by Carol Hanisch, 1969

March is Women’s History Month. Those are four of my mother's sisters. They are the result of the hard work and sacrifices that previous generations fought for such as the right to go to any university; the right to do any job; the right to play any sport; the right to decide whether to have children or not; and overall the right to be treated as human beings.

Thought I would share this little tidbit about women Air Force Pilots that served during WWII from the Dallas Morning News. They were awarded our nation’s highest civilian honor: the Congressional Gold Medal. 

From one veteran, to another: I salute them. 
Then, this story about the first woman high school football coach made The NBC Nightly News. I am sure someone will mention this, but about 25 years ago the only way a woman could coach on a football team was if it was a movie. Hell, men coach women’s basketball (and very successful I must add), so why can’t a woman coach football? I hope she kicks ass and takes some names.

I hope that the history books will not omit them.
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