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Friday, March 12, 2010



I know this is old news, but here is my opinion on the Republicans threatening to filibuster any other legislation proposed by the majority party, especially most recently during the Health Care Debate. The only way to get around that, using the process that involves a straight up-or-down vote also known as reconciliation.

The requirement via reconciliation is a simple majority: x ≥ 51 votes. Remember, in the event of a 50-50 tie in the Senate, the Vice-President casts the tie-breaking vote. 

Senate Republicans have condemned this action. Uh…. How many times have Republicans used reconciliation used to pass legislation?

First, if you are going to filibuster, go ahead and do it…. WHILE ON THE FLOOR OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS. Don't just use it as a talking point during the Minority Leader's Press Conference. All this is doing is using this as a campaign platform. "Look, the Democrats had a majority in Congress and they weren't able to get anything done. Vote for us because look at all the GREAT solutions we have." And those ideas are…..?

Sorry, complete opposition and obstruction is NOT a solution.

Second, here is a good (fictitious) example of a filibuster. I doubt any Republican could come up with anything as eloquent as Jimmy Stewart's performance as Senator Smith. A Republican filibuster of the Senate would probably start out like this and then eventually devolve into this.

Go ahead and do it.

No Balls.
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