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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Besides the number of incumbents losing or being forced into runoffs and the number of Tea Party candidates winning, there was this story.

David Alameel and Kesha Rogers are in the runoff for the US Senate Democratic nomination.

I was not surprised that Alameel would make it to the runoff due to the deep pockets he has.

I was VERY surprised that Kesha Rogers made the runoff instead of Maxey Scherr.

In all honesty, this was the fault of Texas Democrats.

I will very likely get letters and comments for saying that.

However it is the truth.

This was one of those instances where the party should have intervened to keep this from happening.

It took a poll conducted by the Texas Tribune to snap the party to its senses and issue statements that Kesha Rogers is NOT a serious candidate.

The Texas Democratic Party would have greatly benefited from a debate between Alameel and Scheer. As you recall, Alameel tried to run for the newly created 33rd congressional district two years ago. In the primary Alameel finished in 4th place with a little more than 10% of the vote. What is even more impressive is that Alameel dumped over $2.6 million into that election and received 2,064 votes. The cost per vote for Alameel was $1,276.78. Second place came in at $215.

Scherr would have made her argument against Cornyn that he is a puppet for the junior senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Since arriving in DC in January 2013, Senator Cornyn has voted along with Senator Cruz. Cornyn supported Cruz's efforts to shutdown the government last October. Anytime that Cornyn votes different than Cruz, it is news worthy.

Texas Democrats have been robbed of an opportunity of a debate between a well funded candidate and one who expresses the views of the progressive wing of the party.

Instead this runoff campaign will involve someone who could set the party back for a LONG time.

Why is this a disaster?

Kesha Rogers is affiliated with the Lyndon LaRouche Movement.

Remember the lady who compared Obama's health care proposal to a Nazi plan during a Barney Frank town hall in 2009?

Yup. That is one of the many things affiliated with the LaRouchies.

Basically Lyndon LaRouche was the Ron/Rand Paul Movement of the 1980s. The best way to describe what the LaRouchies believe in is this link via Wikipedia and this Saturday Night Live script from 1986 (the skit included a future US Senator who is running for re-election this year).

And actually SNL did not have to embellish the truth. That is what LaRouche and his supporters believe.

David Alameel has his issues given that he has donated money to Cornyn's campaign in the past, but Kesha Rogers affiliation with the LaRouche Movement is far worse. She has even called for the impeachment and EXECUTION of President Obama during her TX-22 run in 2012. Rogers even appeared at a Northeast Tarrant County Tea Party candidate forum.

If Kesha Rogers wins the runoff, Cornyn will easily win another six years in the US Senate. Not only that, but the credibility of the Texas Democratic Party will be ruined and damaged for the next decade. We're talking what the Republican Party is to California: irrelevant.

The idea of a Blue Texas will be just that: an idea. Nothing more than a theoretical idea.

Any chance that a Democrat has of being elected to statewide in 2014 will be wiped out if Rogers is the Democratic nominee for US Senate from Texas. No one will take the party seriously and in part it will be their own doing. Instead of settling on a candidate or even a debate between Alameel and Scherr, Texas Democrats are wasting time and resources (and by resources, that means money) to try to stomp out the Kesha Rogers candidacy. Those resources would be better spent on trying to defeat Cornyn or at least make him earn re-election so that he doesn't divert his resources to other campaigns (especially that other statewide election).

In the upcoming runoff on 27 May, Texas Democrats must rectify this situation and vote David Alameel as their candidate for the US Senate.

The future of the Texas Democratic Party depends on it.

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