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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


With the announcement of Senator Wendy Davis running for governor, there were talks about who would run for her seat on the Democratic ticket in Senate District 10.

One of those talks was about Fort Worth City Council Member Joel Burns. Councilmember Burns currently holds the same seat that Wendy Davis held before she was elected to the state senate in 2008.

Councilmember Burns has received a lot of national attention. It was 3 years ago this month that he gained national attention for speaking out against bullying and youth suicides.

Today, via Facebook and on the Dallas Voice, Councilmember Burns posted a letter explaining his political future. He will NOT be seeking election in SD-10 stating that he has the best job as a member of the Fort Worth City Council and there is a lot more work for Fort Worth to do in that role.

He also cites his spouse, J.D. Angle, is playing a pivotal role in the Davis campaign and will need support. Even though Councilmember Burns is not running for Davis' senate seat, he will (and these are his words via the letter) "remain committed to my fellow Senate District 10 residents and will work exhaustively to find, support and elect a credible, qualified next State Senator for Fort Worth and Tarrant County who will serve in the tradition of Wendy Davis. We deserve no less."

Fort Worth is honored to have a dedicated public servant like Joel Burns on city council.

I expect that someday further down the road we will hear big things from this gentleman.

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