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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Last season I have developed a love-hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys. I have been a fan of this thing since I was in elementary school. I was a fan during the 5-11 years. I was a fan when Parcells came in. I was a fan when the franchise discovered Tony Romo.

The Cowboys have discovered new ways to crush their fan's hopes for a sixth Super Bowl championship over the last 6 years. In the 2006 Wild Card Playoffs there was this:

Looking back, it wasn't as bad as what would happen over the next few seasons.

In January 2008 I was in Virginia Beach, VA with my cousin and we watched Tony Romo's desperation heave against the Giants get intercepted. It was the first time that an NFC 1-seed lost since the playoffs expanded to its current 12-team format established in 1990.

Later that calendar year and after my return to civilian life I was at a bar in Bedford, TX watching the Eagles curb stomp the Cowboys into oblivion in a "win and you're in" type game.

Dallas won the NFC East in 2009, but ended by getting trounced by the Vikings in Minnesota.

I wrote this after the Giants loss in 2010 where Tony Romo had to be carted off the field due to a season-ending injury. I was acknowledging that the Cowboys 2010 season was over.

In 2011, the Cowboys were again victimized by the Giants. The first one was squandering a 12-point fourth quarter lead and Tony Romo overthrowing Miles Austin... well, you know how that ended, it's on YouTube. Then in the season finale against the Giants, they delivered the curb stomp as the Giants made the playoffs.... and you know the rest of the story with Eli Manning hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Indianapolis.

In 2012, Dallas needed to win the season finale to continue their season. After Dallas pulled within three in the fourth quarter, I posted this to Facebook:

After punt return plus penalty, Cowboys score TD and get the two-pointer to pull within three.

But I get this feeling I've seen this movie before...

Oh... how right I was.

So how will this season turn out if you are a fan of the Cowboys?

Despite the contract extension of quarterback Tony Romo and linebacker Sean Lee and all the talk about the retooled offensive line and how wide receiver Dez Bryant will have a MONSTER year at wide receiver and how that the play calling responsibilities are no long being handled by head coach Jason Garrett but instead by Bill Callahan and how Monte Kiffen is bringing the Tampa 2 defensive scheme to the Cowboys and (channeling Yul Brener from The King and I) et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.....

I'm not buying it.

Yes, Romo got a contract extension  For those saying that Jerry Jones should have let Romo go, let's go through the list of quarterbacks from when Troy Aikman last played in 2000 to when Tony Romo showed up in 2006:

Randall Cunningham

Anthony Wright

Yes, THAT Anthony Wright who tossed for 4 TDs in a 44-41 win over the Matt Hasselbeck led Seahawks in 2003.

Quincy Carter

Yes, NFL Network's #1 All Time Draft Bust Ryan Leaf. The 2001 Thanksgiving Day starter for Dallas was RYAN LEAF.

Chad Hutchinson
Drew Henson

If you wish to relive that list of draft busts, backups, and over-the-hillers, then go root for the Browns.

Yes, Romo throws interceptions at THE WORST POSSIBLE TIMES IN GAMES. Here is thing though: He doesn't play offensive line, they have to block. He doesn't play wide receiver; they need to fight for the ball when he throws it. He doesn't tackle because he doesn't play on defense. And he no longer plays on special teams after than gaffe in Seattle back in 2006 Playoffs.

BUT... in the NFL it is about "What Have You Done For Me Lately." Someone is going to get the pink slip if the Cowboys have another 8-8 season. I don't think it will be Romo because Jerry Jones has invested a lot of money into this thing. To those that say "Owner Jones should blow this whole thing up", need I remind you of the 5-11 years and how God AWFUL those teams were. THEY LOST TO THE FREAKIN' HOUSTON TEXANS IN THEIR FIRST EVER GAME IN 2002!! I was in boot camp and I didn't believe that until I got a letter in the mail from my dad's sister with the NFL scores.

In the back of his mind, head coach Jason Garrett has to know that if he doesn't get this team to the playoffs it is very likely that he will be in the NFL unemployment line in January 2014.

But you know what... MAYBE the Cowboys will get off to decent start and then come Thanksgiving after they beat the Raiders into oblivion, they will be at 7-5... maybe 8-4... hell let's say 9-3 with 4 games left to play and they are in the month of December. Their final four games: at Bears, Packers, at Redskins, and season finale at home against the Eagles. 11 wins would not only win the NFC East, but might get them a much needed bye week. The defense is playing well under Kiffen's scheme. Tony Romo isn't throwing those game killer interceptions. There is some appearance of a running game as the offensive line is playing well together. They look like a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

The Cowboys are capable of winning 11 games.

But I get this feeling I've seen this movie before...

We've bought into the hype, but we've seen how this ends.

Will 2013 be any different than what happened over the previous 7 seasons?

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