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Monday, July 1, 2013


Last week Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D, SD-10) took to the floor of the State Senate and filibustered the proposed anti-abortion omnibus bill that would shut down all but 5 reproduction service provider clinics in Texas.

Though the purpose of this entry is not about the Davis filibuster. That is for this entry. The purpose of this entry is about the action of filibustering and maybe a possible solution to the current gridlock in Washington, DC.

Senator Davis began her filibuster at 11:18 AM (CT) on 25 June 2013 and ended at 10:07 PM (CT) that same day. Texas filibuster rules are unique. Like the United States Senate, once you start you cannot leave the floor. Though the differences are that you cannot eat or drink anything. And unlike the US Senate, you have to stay on topic. Unlike the PREVIOUS filibusters, Republicans have engaged in...

Senator Harry Reid (Senate Democratic Leader, NV) tweeted his support of Senator Davis.

Maybe the United States Senate should adopt Texas Rules for filibustering.

And perhaps Congress will FINALLY accomplish something.

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