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Monday, July 1, 2013


Today was the start of the second special session of the 83rd Texas Legislature.

And it started with this:

Talking Points Memo reports that at least 5,000 people were at the south steps of the Capitol building attending the rally. According to Texas Tribune editor Emily Ramshaw, the protest was so loud that she could hear it at the 14th floor of the Texas Tribune building blocks away in downtown Austin.

For now there is a calm as both chambers have gabbled in, but immediately adjourned in part due to the upcoming July 4th Holiday.

However, the controversial abortion bill (HB 2), authored by Rep. Jodie "Rape kits = abortion" Laubenberg (R, HD-89), has been referred to the House State Affairs Committee. The hearing is slated to be held at 3:30 PM (CT) in room E2.030 on Tuesday 2 July 2013. The chair is Rep. Byron Cook (R, HD-8) and will allow testimony to go on until midnight.

Gee... I hope it doesn't become repetitive for him.

The Senate has also filed similar anti-choice bills: SB 1 was filed by Senator Glenn Hegar (R, SD-18) and SB 9 was filed by Senator Dan "no, not from ESPN" Patrick (R, SD-7).

Governor Perry is going to great lengths to ensure that this anti-choice omnibus bill is passed. He has ordered increased security presence at the Capitol Building. Today's rally had mounted police officers and there are reports that the capitol is shutting off power outlets, turning the WiFi down, and ordering people to turn off their cell phones before entering the gallery.

This special session is gearing up to be a fight for Texas.

It is SO on!

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