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I served in the US Navy from 2002-08; four of those years were as a Nuclear Propulsion Operator aboard an aircraft carrier. I engage in political activism in various Democratic circles when I am able to. I have a cat, and I am an uncle.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There are many reasons why I have not written as much as I have wanted to over the summer.

Most of the reason is that I was heavily involved in classes over the summer. Why have I taken classes over the summer over the past three summer terms? The sooner I am done with classes: the better.

School is my job right now. I admit that I haven’t treated it as such, but that is the truth: it is my job. My job is to get my degree so that I move on to something else in my life. I haven’t figured out what that is yet… but I have the belief in myself that I will figure it out.

The other reason, and the academic reasons might play a role in this, is I have had some pretty bad writer’s block over the summer unlike last summer where I took a sabbatical due to some personal matters.

Believe me, there are many things that I want to write about, but it is difficult to put what I have circulating in my mind through my fingertips onto the keyboard and what I want to show up on the screen. This is not an easy task, and this is coming from someone who got A’s in both of his college English classes. And if English does not involve the grammar aspect, I despise it.

I had to get over my despise of the non-grammar aspect that stems from reading Wuthering Heights in high school and work hard to get those A’s in college. I am very proud of myself of that fact that I overcame that difficulty.

Over the summer, my wife (if you haven’t followed my blog as much, we got married in Vegas in February) had a journalism internship out in San Francisco. She is very self conscious about her writing. Actually, she does a good job with this art form. The people at the internship praised her for her work, and asked that she considers coming back to them to teach the class.

When she has discussed this matter with me, I have used a baseball analogy. Some of your writing is going to be a home run; other times a sacrifice fly that brings in a run. Or you strike out swinging and know that was not your best effort, so the next time you try again which is a very important thing to learn.

Or on very rare occasion…

I know, it’s not a blog post unless I make a Simpsons’ reference, but you get the point….

Well… there is another well known baseball reference: the slump.

If you strive for perfection too much, then you are not going to achieve what is the purpose of my writings. That purpose is to present my thoughts in a way that maybe other people have not considered.

So, I am considering this a reset.

I think I stated back when I started this back in March 2010 that this was always evolving and changing. Maybe fewer posts; maybe more posts. I don’t know, but it is part of how I express my ideas.

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