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Sunday, January 3, 2016



It is the first Sunday of 2016, but it is also the last Sunday of the 2015 NFL Season. In the AFC one playoff spot remains as well as who will have homefield, who will receive a bye week, and two divisions championships. As of now the Broncos are leading the AFC West but could rise as high as 1 with a win and depending what happens to the Patriots in Miami or drop as low as 6 and have to start their road to the Super Bowl literally on the road.

Currently the Jets have the inside edge to the playoffs, but former Jets coach and current Bills coach Rex Ryan would love to bounce his former team out of playoff contention. The Steelers lost in Baltimore last Sunday and not only need a win against the Browns but also need the Bills to beat the Jets in order to keep their season going.

The Texans are pretty much AFC South champions. Per 538, the Texans have a 99% chance of winning the division while the Colts have a less than 1% chance of doing so. The Colts need to win their game and have the Texans to lose to Jaguars and this long list of scenarios:

Bills beat the Jets
Falcons beat the Saints
Broncos beat the Chargers
Steelers beat the Browns
Dolphins beat the Patriots
Ravens beat the Bengals
Raiders beat the Chiefs

Oh and find a unicorn that spits out ice cream and poops out rainbows, recover the Lost Ark, find the Golden Apple of Paris, and get a VA claim without it being backlogged.

In the NFC, we know who the 6 teams but the race for homefield has tightened up with Carolina’s first loss of the season and Arizona’s dominating win over the Packers in Phoenix. Speaking of the Packers, they have a winner-take-all contest against the Vikings for the NFC North. Reigning NFC Champion could either be seeded 5 or 6. The Vikings and Packers could rematch in Wild Card Weekend in Wisconsin with a Packers win or the Packers could go on the road to Washington with the Vikings host the Seahawks.

CBS and Fox have a doubleheader this Sunday regardless if the local home team is playing to maximize television coverage as well as allow fans to keep track of other teams who may impact their team’s playoff chances. Here in Denver the Broncos will air on CBS while on Fox in the same time slot, the Chiefs host the Raiders in Kansas City.

Let’s just get down to the business of the picks. 20 teams’ seasons will end this Sunday. Starting next weekend, the games matter much more with it being the playoffs.

And now for the picks.

Kickoff times are Mountain Time
Sunday afternoon games airing in Denver are noted by (DEN)
Picks are in BOLD

Ravens at Bengals (DEN)
Eagles at Giants
Lions at Bears
Saints at Falcons
Washington at Cowboys

Jets at Bills (DEN)
Jaguars at Texans
Patriots at Dolphins
Steelers at Browns
Titans at Colts

Raiders at Chiefs (DEN)
Buccaneers at Panthers
Seahawks at Cardinals

Chargers at Broncos (DEN)
Rams at 49ers

Vikings at Packers

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