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Thursday, September 10, 2015


1. Seahawks 11-5
2. Cardinals 11-5
3. Rams 7-9
4. 49ers 2-14

The NFC West could be radically different than what we are used to.

Here is how the San Francisco 49ers made moves to prepare themselves to be the first team to play in the stadium hosting the Super Bowl.

Ownership and coach Jim Harbaugh reached a “mutual understanding.” Running back Frank Gore was allowed to go to Indianapolis. Receiver Michael Crabtree went across the Bay Bridge to Oakland. Guard Mike Iupati was signed by division rival Arizona. Linebackers Patrick Willis and Chris Borland and defensive end Justin Smith retired. Ray McDonald was released because… there were some disturbing issues

The 49ers, Washington, and Chicago will be battling for the top spot in next year’s draft.

Yeah… it looks like the first team to play a Super Bowl in their home stadium will not happen this season.

Maybe next season.

(sees Super Bowl LI is in Houston)


(sees Super Bowl LII is in Minneapolis)


(sees Super Bowl LIII & LIV selection cities are New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, and Los Angeles)

Possibly… except for Tampa and Los Angeles doesn’t have a team… YET

And I finally have found a way to segue to the next team.

Over the last few seasons the Rams have been rumored to be returning to Los Angeles. Other teams eying Los Angeles for relocation are the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

If the Rams were to return to Los Angeles it would be the second NFL team to leave St. Louis. The previous NFL team that called St. Louis home was the Cardinals and played there for 27 years. In part due to ownership desiring a new stadium, poor attendance, and the USFL previously having a franchise in one of the three cities ownership was eying for relocation, the Cardinals moved to Phoenix in 1988.

As for on the field, the Rams traded Sam Bradford away and in return got Nick Foles. Honestly, I do not see Rams and the phrase “in the playoffs” being uttered in the same sentence.

Last season the Seahawks and Cardinals went to the playoffs. Arizona looked like a real contender until Carson Palmer had a knee injury that cost him the rest of the season. And then Drew Stanton was brought in and he got hurt. And the Cardinals relied on whoever could throw a football to be their starting quarterback for that game.

In the playoffs, quarterback Ryan Lindley was offered as sacrifice to the starter for the Panthers. He threw for…. 82 yards… that must be a typ-o… must have been for a drive… or a quarter…

Factor in sacks, it was a net total of 51 yards. Arizona gained 78 yards of offense the entire game. And somehow managed to score

Arizona’s defense in 2014 was ranked 5th in points allowed. Had their quarterback situation been better, they might have made a deeper playoff run.

If Carson Palmer can 1) duplicate his touchdown-to-interception ratio over a 16-game season; and 2) stay healthy, then with their defense Arizona should be a playoff team.

The Seahawks…

While the Seahawks added tight end Jeremy Stevens and signed quarterback Russell Wilson to a long term deal, safety Kam Chancellor is holding out and will not play in Week 1. The Seahawks open the season on the road at the Rams and then at Green Bay. Their home opener is against the Bears followed by the Lions. Both Green Bay and Detroit are hoping that the Chancellor holdout continues so that their pass happy offense can take advantage of the situation.

Despite this I expect the Seahawks to be the favorite to win the NFC West for the third consecutive year.

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