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Monday, June 28, 2010


Now for some brain exercises…

I present to you three couples.

Married for 10 yearsMarried for 45 yearsMarried for 5 years
Kids: Three sonsKids: Six daughters, two sonsKids: One daughter
San Francisco, CAHouston, TXNashville, TN
Remodeled the kitchenOne spouse is building a windmillOne spouse is an excellent cook
One spouse is a stay-at-home parentBoth are retired; one spouse makes buttonsBoth spouses work out of the home
One spouse coaches the little league teamBoth spend their Saturday evening reading in bedHost monthly cooking events among friends
Spent a week exploring the Olympic PeninsulaTook a trip to San Antonio to visit the grandkidsRecently came back from a two-week trip to Europe
One spouse has their masters, the other finishing up their degreeBoth spouses have their doctorateBoth spouses have their bachelors; one contemplating returning to school
One spouse is the webmaster for a local organizationBoth regularly attend church on SundayOne spouse is a member of the PTA

Now… which one is the gay couple?

Too difficult?

OK, here is a simpler one.

I am sure my readers are well aware of my two posts about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (My Letter, Right To Serve).

Here is a picture of sailors "Manning The Rails."

So, which sailors are the gay ones?

Huh? Tough one there too...

A real thought provoker.

A marriage can be viewed as a contractual agreement between two parties that results in merger, which almost sounds with what takes place when companies merge. With this statement and the observation that Citizens United v. FEC (2010) ruled that corporations are afforded the same legal rights as people when it comes to campaign financing, then does that mean companies have to follow our laws? (cough BP!)

Now Texas has a constitutional amendment banning all marriages same-sex marriage. Since Texas has this stupid moronic dumbass blatantly homophobic Neanderthalic law on the books, does it mean that any company that has merged with another company of the same gender cannot do business as the merged company in this state?

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