Thursday, March 24, 2016


On Titanic Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton inched closer to securing the Democratic nomination by winning five out of the five contests including dominating in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina and eking out close wins in Illinois and Missouri.

On Tuesday night Senator Sanders won caucuses in Idaho and Utah collecting 17 and 26 delegates respectfully.

Arizona went for Clinton as she collected 44 delegates to Sanders’s 30.

Overall Sanders won the night taking two out of three contests and edging out Clinton by 18 in the important delegate count in the three contests.

Looking at the overall pledged delegate count, Clinton still leads Sanders by over 300. Factor in the superdelegates, Clinton has a 1,690-946 advantage putting her 692 delegates shy of the magic number of 2,382 to clinch the Democratic nomination.

What have we learned so far?

Saturday, March 5, 2016


On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton won in seven out of eleven nominating contests. When the polls closed she was declared the winner in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and swing-state Virginia.

Senator Bernie Sanders won four contests: the two caucus states of Minnesota and Colorado, Oklahoma, and as expected, Vermont.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


First, my previous post was a joke and some shameful promotion. Season 4 of House of Cards drops on Netflix on 4 March.

Second, this is who I am endorsing later tonight at the Colorado Caucuses.

A disclaimer before I announce my endorsement.

There is a lot at stake in this upcoming election. Anyone who is advocating going “My candidate or nothing” (and I will address this in another post) should say hello to a possible President Trump.

This is true if you live in one of the five states that has gone for the electoral college winner in the last four elections. If you live in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Nevada, and Virginia and you are a Democrat or align yourself with liberal-progressive views, it is your duty to your country to support whoever is the Democratic nominee. President Barack Obama has accomplished a lot. Off the top of my head: health care reform, Dodd-Frank financial reform, the stimulus, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, expanded hate crimes legislation, reauthorizing and expanding the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Lilly Ledbetter, neutralizing Osama bin Laden, nuclear weapons proliferation treaty, possible thawing of relations with Cuba and Iran, and supporting marriage equality.

If a Republican gets into the White House, they will certainly reverse those positions with a Republican-led congress and the opportunity to return the Supreme Court to an at best 5-4 conservative lean for another generation. Republicans are planning on keeping that Scalia seat vacant until 20 January 2017 with the hopes that they will keep the Senate and flip the White House.

I say let’s deny that hope.

If you are disappointed that your candidate did not win the nomination, it will pale in comparison to how the country and those the most marginalized will suffer under a Republican president.

Again I will address the “My candidate or nothing” crowd in another post.

Vote who you want in the primary, but come the general election it is “Vote Blue No Matter Who.”

Now my endorsement (which is worthless to either candidate)


Today is Super Tuesday and one of the states involved is my adopted home state of Colorado.

And later tonight I will be caucusing for one of our Democratic candidates.

And that candidate is…